With the birth of the project named “Riserva”, the “Chain of pigs born and raised in Sardinia” is finally a reality. Our goal is to enhance the meat products manufactured from local pigs: born from a genetic type suitable for meat transformation, reared according to the principles of animal welfare, slaughtered in compliance with the strictest hygienic standards,manufactured according to the old traditional methods of our island and packeged with the best know-how to guarantee the quality characteristics of the product.

Each phase of production of “Riserva” cured meat products, obtained from pigs born, raised and slaughtered in Sardinia, is carefully monitored and traced to give guarantee of quality to the consumer. Meat is skillfully processed by expert buthcers to produce traditional meat products: ham with leg, salami with natural casing, Sardinian sausage, peppered lard, cheek and peppered bacon.



To produce “Riserva” cured meat productsis is used exclusively meat from pigs that are the offspring of a selected genetic type, born and reared in Sardinia, slaughtered at a weight between 120 and 140 kg. Pigs are raised in a covered area with straw bedding always available, and with the possibility of enjoying the space outdoors. Feeding in the finishing growing phase is specifically designed by the company itself, and includes cereals, legumes and oilseeds. Slaughtering and processing of meat take place in compliance with the strictest hygienic standards. Meat products are manufactured according the company’s ancient recipes linked to tradition of Sardinia. The entire production cycle is documented and monitored by the company.


The genetic type of pig, the breeding conditions and feeding, lead to the production of high quality meat. Pigs are exclusively the offspring of a cross from Duroc X Landrace or Large White and are slaughtered at minimum 8 months of age. The choise to use and animal with a 50% of Duroc is to obtain meat with the right level of marbling, and to assure a high sensory quality in the meat products. The feeding directly formulated by the company allows to give meat with a optimal ratio between polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and saturated fatty acids.


In addition to the excellent quality of meat and the sustainability of processing, “Riserva” meat products are linked to the tradition because, as originally, they do not contain preservatives, gluten, milk and products thereof.



The range of cured meats produced respects all the dictates of Sardinian tradition and identity, with the guarantee of origin of the raw materials, the wisdom of regional craftsmanship and the technology of preparation of the whole product or in slices. The careful selection of meats and the expertise of the staff, allows obtaining unique products, typical of our island.

Dry-Cured Ham

The ham with leg “Riserva” Murru is obtained from thigh of pig born and raised in Sardinia. Only fresh thighs with the optimal weight and covering fat depth can be processed in the typical ham. After a strict selection, the thight are trimmed and undergo to processing. Sea salt and garlic, wisely dosed, are the only ingredients allowed for ham that is intended for a seasoning of at leat 18 months.


“Riserva” Murru pork cheek is a special product: it comes from the pig’s cheek where the nobles portions of fat are deposited. Thanks to the skill of our butches, it is trimmed in the typical drop shape, salted and left to rest at low temperatures. After resting, the cheeks are manually mixed with spices and are ready for an seasoning of at leat 1 month. As result, the pork cheek presents unmistakable taste and texture characteristics.

Peppered Bacon

“Riserva” Murru peppered bacon is processed according to the tradition of the island. It comes from the lean portion of belly, it is trimmed in the typical rectangular shape and manually mixed with salt and spices to ensure the correct distribution of ingredients. After a rest at low temperatures, the product is washed from the excess of salt, flavored with a mix of spices and left to seasoning for about one month. The seasoned pancetta is very tasty, with a soft and sweet taste thanks to the veins of fat alternating with lean. It can be tasted finely sliced, or combined in many recipes of tradition.

Peppered Lard

“Riserva” Murru lard comes from a strict selection of pig’s covering dorsal fat, at least 3 cm thick. Fresh lard is massaged with sea salt, a mix of spices and herbs, placed in a container to macerate. After at about 3 months, the lard is ready to be tasted, finely sliced in a slice of heated bread, or as a precious ingredients of many recipes.


“Riserva” Murru salami is a genuine product, processed with an artisanal method, only using first choice meat cuts. Trimmed meat is stuffed in a natural valuable casing. The long  seasoning and the wise choice of spices, give to the final product awesome characteristics: the typical flavour and  taste of meat, sweet and strong at the same time.


“Riserva” Murru  sausages is the typical salami of the island. It is processed only with first choice meat cuts, balanced in lean and fat, salted and spiced according to the ancient recipe, and finally stuffed into a natural round casings. After about 20 days of seasoning at controlled temperature and humudity, the sausage is ready to delight every palate. It is a well known and appreciate meat product thanks to its distinctive rounded and strong flavour.


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